Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Movies 4 You

This one-disc package from is around $6.00. And you can’t go wrong if you’re a fan of old-style horror movies. Below I have provided a brief description of each movie.

I Bury the Living:

The title sounds pretty gruesome, but it’s really a “Night Gallery” type story. It’s about an executive who takes over the Chairmanship of a local Cemetery. The office has a chart on the wall with all the plots. When a person purchases a plot, they stick a white headed pin on that location. When the person dies, they insert a black headed pin. The remaining unsold plots contain no pins. A young couple comes in and purchases two plots, the executive accidentally inserts black pins instead of white. Coincidentally, the very next day, the couple is killed in a car accident. The executive is quite disturbed by the coincidence. He tries to prove to himself that there is no connection by replacing someone’s white pin with a black one. And again, that person is found dead the very next day. Now he’s really disturbed. And so the story continues until the end when all is explained - I won’t spoil it, but it reminds me a lot of Dementia 13.

The Four Skulls of Jonathon Drake:

This movie stars Henry Daniel and Paul Cavanaugh. It’s a complex story about immortal head hunters terrorizing a family for centuries. There’s plenty of head-shrinking-fun for gore fans. A glamorous daughter and a nifty “Dick Tracy” style cop round out the affair.

The Snake Woman:

By the title you can pretty much guess how this movie goes. There is a snake woman that nobody believes exists until the end. The cool part about this movie is that everyone in it is British, which creates a interesting cultural atmosphere.

The Face of Marble:

The Face of Marble stars John Carradine, assorted gorgeous people, an evil maid, and a Great Dane. If you like Frankenstein, Ghosts, love triangles, sabotage, mystery, and intrigue - this movie is for you. John Carridine plays the mad doctor with stretched scruples who’s wife is longing for another man. An evil maid is a voodoo priestess attempting to create a love-triangle for her mistress. The Great Dane is transformed into a savage ghost dog ravaging the country-side. In the end all the bad guys die, hooray!