Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review - The Black Room

The Black Room...

I like a horror movie when it has a gothic graveyard full of statues and crosses.

I like a horror movie when it has a lot of stone rooms and a castle.

I like a horror movie when it has a big almost supernatural hound like in the Hound of the Baskervilles.

I liked The Black Room - I’ve watched it twice now and I’m sure I’ll watch it many more times.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I liked The Black Room? I did!

Review - Dracula has Risen from the Grave

Dracula has Risen from the Grave is the most atmospheric Hammer Dracula movie I’ve seen so far. The movie seems to pick up where Dracula - Prince of Darkness left off with Dracula being resurrected from his icy tomb. The movie is laced with Dracula’s presence which is nice in comparison to the sparse appearances in Horror of Dracula and Dracula - Prince of Darkness. Dracula’s face has a nice Halloween-like deathly pallor and I loved the scenes with him driving the hearse wagon. The movie is 90 minutes long and spends some time developing a love story between two victims, but it manages to keep your interest and give you the creeps. Unhappily, we never see inside Dracula’s castle, but the mountains are very atmospheric. The movie is set about the same time as Horror of Dracula and Dracula - P.O.D with wagons and Victorian-like clothes. The settings include mountain and forest roads, a town, two pubs, and of course, bedrooms. Two attractive blonds are bitten by Dracula and a priest is hypnotized into service.

Review - The Devil Commands

 The Devil Commands is my kind of old horror movie. Boris Karloff plays his nutty professor role like in The Ape, Night Key, Black Friday, and many others. It features Tesla coils, communication with the dead, fake mediums, grave robbing, and a few accidental deaths. Ultimately, Boris Karloff’s machines can contact the dead, now the work must continue until everyone’s life is destroyed, even Karloff’s!

Review - Bedlam

Bedlam - in my humble opinion, is not a horror movie. Oh, Boris Karloff plays it sinister enough alright, but outside of his performance, nothing is that scary. The asylum is comprised of a normal office, a hallway, and a barn where the loonies, as they’re called, hang out - it’s not very spooky! There is no dark dungeons or gratuitous torture scenes which might make it more atmospheric. Much time is spent in the quarters of Lord Mortimer, but again, there’s nothing spooky about the setting. Boris Karloff plays the villain well but he also shares the stage with a young pretty heroin who brightens the mood and inspires hope - not real creepy! The time is the 1700’s which is not my favorite time for clothes either. All in all, it was a good movie - just not much of a horror movie - but I liked it though.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review - Boris Karloff's Thriller Season 1

Review Introduction: I purchased Season 1 of Boris Karloff’s Thriller from iTunes. I’ve listed the titles below and for most the episodes I’ve included full length YouTube links.

I’d like say that I enjoyed ever episode and don’t regret watching any of them or purchasing any of them. There are three types of shows here: supernatural tales, faux-supernatural tales, and simple crime drama’s. Most of Season 1 is the later. Overall I enjoyed the old school coolness of the black and white sixties horror show, Boris Karloff’s intros, and the dark twists.

Below, 1 through 24 are my favorites and the ones that I would most recommend for the entertainment value. I will offer brief comments for those but not the rest.

1) The Purple Room:

Features a Psycho-like house, a cool myth, and fair drama!

2) Pigeons from Hell:

Very atmospheric horror with gore!

3) The Grim Reaper:

One of my most favorite and scariest Thrillers!

4) The Cheaters:

Now real ending, but sufficiently creepy!

5) The Hungry Glass:

One of my most favorite and scariest Thrillers!

6) Trio for Terror:

Short but good drama’s, the first, one of my favorites, deals with witchcraft.

7) Choose a Victim:

Average drama - but I liked the clothes, cars, and the 50’s beat-nick slang of the starring character. Worth watching again!

8) The Terror in Teakwood:

Real old school horror theme. I also enjoyed the concert pianist motif.

9) Parasite Mansion:

A not too attractive tale about a horribly supernatural villian!

10) The Mark of the Hand:

A simple crime drama told very interestingly!

11) The Prisoner in the Mirror:

A cool horror/sci-fi idea. Worth watching, but no real ending..

12) Mr. George:

About a child and a ghost. The bad guys get knocked off, very good!

13) The Prediction:

Starring Boris Karloff. Adequate Twilight-Zone-like story!

14) Well of Doom:

Very Halloweeny, atmospheric, adequate drama…

15) The Devil’s Ticket:

A guy sells his soul to the Devil: a story straight out of The Twilight Zone, predictable twists, worth a gander…

16) Late Date:

Interesting crime drama about hiding a body…

17) Rose’s Last Summer:

Interesting crime twist…

18) A Good Imagination:

A take-off on Poe - dark humor almost. The wife’s shrill, trite, persona contributes to the slightly less-than-serious spin.

19) Knock Three-One-Two:

Average drama with horribly dark ending twists making it worth while…

20) Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook:

My favorite episode because I love the subject of witchcraft and Boris Karloff’s intro is my favorite - average story…

21) The Big Blackout:

Interestingly told crime drama…

22) Dark Legacy:

Great spooky house in the beginning. My favorite subject of witchcraft. Average story…


23) The Merriweather File:

One of the most interesting and interestingly told crime drama’s - unpredictable ending..

24) The Fingers of Fear:

One of the most interesting crime drama’s…



25) The Twisted Image:

26) The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell:

27) Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper:

28) Worse Than Murder:

29) The Fatal Impulse:

30) Girl with a Secret:

31) The Watcher:

32) Man in the Cage:

33) The Guilty Men:

34) Child’s Play:

35) Man in the Middle:

36) Papa Benjamin:

37) The Poisoner:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review - The Old Dark House

If you like thunder storms, it's got it. If you like spooky houses. it's got it. If you like Boris Karloff, he's in there. If you like eerie, creepy characters, it has them out the wazzoo! Although it has no real plot and no real ending, I highly recommend this movie to any horror fan. Essential!